Benefits associated with online counseling:

  • Can receive counseling anywhere
  • Generally more affordable than traditional therapy
  • Keep the same therapist if you relocate
  • Takes anxiety away from face-to-face interaction
  • Can engage from the comfort of home

eSession Online Counseling understands how much you care about your privacy and how your personal information is used and shared.  I take your right to privacy very serious too.  

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, in the state of Pennsylvania, I am legally and ethically bound to protect your privacy and confidentiality.  I promise to do everything I can to protect any health information you disclose. Records will be secured and stored according to professional guidelines. Your personal information will never be intentionally shared without your consent or to third parties. All payment transactions will go directly through PayPal and will never be shared with eSession Online Counseling.
Privacy and confidentiality is the goal!  eSession is HIPAA compliant and abides by federal procedures for protecting individual health information. I also adhere to and follow the ethical guidelines set by the National Association of Social Workers.
PLEASE NOTE: Legally and ethically, there are circumstances that limit confidentiality. All health information you share is held confidential and will not be shared without your permission except under the following conditions:

  • You threaten to do harm to yourself 
  • You threaten to do harm to another person 
  • Evidence suggests physical or sexual abuse to a child has occurred 

It's very important for you to also take measures to safeguard any emails or other chat dialogue to protect your privacy. Be careful how you store any counseling related emails or chat dialogue. Its best to delete anything you don't plan to keep. Then be sure to also empty your trash/recycle bin. You should be aware that any information sent over a work email account is the property of that agency. If you share a computer with other users then it's best that you have a password protected account. Also be sure to have a secure wireless connection and find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

About eSession Online Counseling

Online counseling is meant to provide treatment and support for issues unrelated to major crisis, chronic mental health issues, or suicidal/homicidal behavior. Online counseling is not suitable for everyone but for some it can be very beneficial! Make sure you understand the risks and benefits associated with online counseling.

You should NOT consider online counseling if:

  • You are having a mental health crisis
  • You have thoughts of hurting yourself 
  • You have thoughts of hurting someone else 
  • You have a chronic mental illness that requires intense treatment​
  • You currently have a therapist that you are seeing on a regular basis
  • You are uncomfortable with computers, online chatting, and typing 

 "I'm a retired Army Officer           and I know what is real and           what works. Emily is the very       best: insightful, supportive,           direct, and above all, caring.         I would recommend her to             anyone looking to overcome           some of the pain that life lays         on us."


Risks associated with online counseling:

  • No physical face-to-face interaction
  • Unable to see body language 
  • Risks to privacy and confidentiality 
  • Technology failures
  • Verifying one's identity 

Would you like to talk to someone but you just don't have time to drive to an appointment?

Maybe you live in an area where there are very few options for counseling services?

These are some of the reasons I started eSession Online Counseling! Services are available to provide individuals with help and support online via video, phone, or web chat. eSession Online Counseling offers a unique experience, and to some, a more convenient means of dealing with personal issues in the comfort of your own space. 

No waiting rooms, no bad weather, no traffic or travel at all!

Is online counseling right for me?